How to request ASCII/ANSI art

DO’s and DON’TS

  • Describe in as much details what you’re looking for both regarding the subject and the technical specifications/limitations
  • Mention the intended use
  • Being very specific ofwhat you’d like and trigger someone’s interest usually offers the best chances of requrest being picked up
  • It’s not uncommon to offer something in return, mention the options or discuss in private.
    • “I have no budget and this should be done for free” is usually not a good pitch
    • Be aware that creating ANSI artwork (depending on dimensions) is usually hours of work. The chances of getting someone drawing a full BBS menu set for fun is quite low
  • Supply reference images or other ASCII/ANSI artwork that aid in illustrating what you’re looking for
  • Most (but not all) artists to be properly credited for their work
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