Amiga ASCII collys wrong font


  1. It seems that a lot of the Amiga ASCII files don’t have the correct font assigned to them, probably because most of them are .txt files thus no sauce. Just searching for .txt files reveals this. For example.
    Would it be possible to cross reference the file names from here and change the font to topaz for all of those?

  2. Also, don’t know if I’m bad at searching but it also seems that there are some amiga ascii collys missing from this site compared to the files in the archive repo. Could those from the repo be added?

  3. Also while I’m at it, would it be possible to be able to search based on font? Or filter by font? At the moment I’m not quite sure how to search only for Amiga ASCII files.

If the font has not been set through SAUCE, conversion will default to CP437. Which ofcourse isn’t desirable for Amiga ASCII. However anyone with editor access can correct this by overriding the font in the render settings of the editor menu. I’ve done this now for the example you’ve provided. If you’d like to help out setting fonts correctly, you can request for editor access too.

it’s quite possible that amiga collies are missing. when creating the site, i didn’t really take into account amiga collies. tbh i wasn’t very familiar with them at the time either. was hosting them on a subsite and there was also asciiarena before. Amiga collies are somewhat different than artpacks as they require a bit of a different treatment. Some of these collies can create particularly large images for example which some browsers refuse to display for example, so those are technical things to be solved.

Originally I was thinking of recreating a subsite for collies seperately (under the original domain for example), but since i learned about the plans of reviving ascii arena’s I thought the gap would already have been filled and I pushed that idea again to the background. Currrently I’m not really sure where they are heading with that project tbh.

That would be possible indeed, i’ve addded it to the GitHub issue list: Search on fontname · Issue #78 · 16colo-rs/16c · GitHub feel free to comment or add other issues on GH.

Thank you for your reply! I have an editor access already but there’s hundreds if not thousands of amiga ascii pieces in here which would take forever to find & edit, so I was hoping there would be a programmatic way of doing it :slight_smile: I will however change the fonts whenever I stumble upon amiga ascii with improper font.

I really hope ascii arena comes back, that site was magical! was a great resource too. As far as I know there are no amiga ascii archives online at the moment. I understand it’s a different thing than hosting art packs, so not putting it on you but hopefully someone creates one soon.

Oh yes, if we match filenames or checksums with the GH repository, we can definetely do that automatically without modifying items manually. The question is tho, which Amiga font would be the proper font? There are quite a few out there and in different versions too. It would be good to know what would be a safe choice.

The underlying message of the bigger picture here was also that Amiga ASCII collies deserve their own (sub)site and that if such a thing would exist, it might be best to remove these collies from the main 16c site and let it to be handled on the dedicated site. (we would serve redirect ofcourse)

it would be technically possible to have a new site at but if the ascii arena project is going to fly, it’s probably not worth the effort

I believe the revived ascii arena site is now running at not everything works (yet) tho, I’m not sure what the current plans or intentions are. I believe they were having some performance issues with it iirc.

The GH repo appears to contain 3126 collies. Only 45 of those were found as a file that is part of an artpack in the 16c archive. The following list of files was adapted:^d-t!.txt!-frag.txt!001.txt^01.txt!-fire.txt!.txt!-ill.txt!-pier.txt

I guess that may not have been the massive update one may have expected. I guess most Amiga collies never made it to the 16c archive as part of an artpack.

Wow, thank you for the update, looks good now! I thought more of them would have been included in the artpacks but I guess the scenes are more divided than I thought.

I’m happy to see asciiarena working at least in some capacity! Seems like there’s been activity in fixing the site in the past couple days so hopefully we’ll see it running soon :slight_smile: