ANSI art for an on-chain NFT game

Hi there,

I’ve stumbled on this community while looking for ASCII arts and got blown away by how powerful is ANSI art. Powerful in terms of the emotions it delivers especially for 70~80 kids generation. So kudos to all of you that keep this art form alive.

I am blockchain developer and I’ve been working with a friend on a novel approach to create a playable blockchain game on Ethereum layer 1. This support as lots of limitation so we designed a gameplay that embraces them as currently no games on Ethereum achieves that. We got the tech side cover and are now looking for the art.

The gameplay is about your traditional dungeons crawler, forming a party of heroes, looting enemies and levelling up the party in order to challenge the final boss.

All items, heroes and currency in this game will be NFTs (and fungible tokens).

So far we have planned for 12 enemies, 5 types of heroes (from basic to epic) and about 20 equipable items.

The game UI will ressemble to something like this, but instead of portraits, the heroes should just be 3rd person characters.

We could keep the art very simple or more sophisticated either way we are looking for help to get the art done.

The ideal scenario for us would be to give a small retainer to show that we are serious but we would prefer someone that will be a long term part of this project and share revenue with them.

If any of that resonate with anyone, please reach out so that we can have a chat.

Heya you have some interest from me. I’m currently producing NFT bit art using ANSI – full pieces and smaller collectible sets. check out my opensea on my twitter page and DM me there if this is still a thing and we can chat.

Hey mate, thanks for the interest. I’ve tried to ping you on Twitter but I think your DMs are off.