ANSI/ASCII Curation & print project

I’ve received a question on the general contact address from someone who has been working on an ANSI/ASCII print project. Meaning a 50+ page on-demand printed book. So several artists would be featured, both inactive and still active artists.

The author seems to think that it will be a lot of work to contact all the artists as some may no longer be active or even for the recent works there’s not always contact information available publicly. Based on the previews I’ve seen quite some active artists from at least Legacy, Lazarus, Impure and independents would be featured. In a way I feel like he should at least get permissions for reprints from authors that are still active but I understand that it may look a daunting task for someone not active in this scene.

So he reached out to get some sort of approval to reprint artworks displayed on 16c. The book would at least contain a glossary where all concerned artists are being credited.

There is the advantage of some promotion/recognition for this niche scene by the existence of a printed book and the author’s objective is also not make profit out of it but at the same time he doesn’t want to get into a dispute on intellectual property. Alltogether i myself don’t feel like being a spokesman for a whole scene, or at least not without consultation, so here is the question: would it be acceptable for someone to reprint artworks for the sake of art with just giving credit and not asking for explicit permission, what are your thoughts on this? Is it ok to reprint without explicit permission but with proper credit given?


Such weird curation. The Shift-JIS pieces are sourced from … and I see some of Jellica’s great screens also. It’s not a bad idea, but this survey almost seems better suited for a blog post where people are only too happy to be reshared with credit.

Jellica’s response to the matter is perhaps unsurprising, would likely be a common refrain if all the intended contributors are polled:

" hello
if i can get a free copy of the book then im down !:slightly_smiling_face:"

Not unreasonable!

This is always a sticky subject, especially if the curator is (or is perceived to be) profiting from the endeavor. If I were them, I would certainly put forth a good-faith effort to contact everyone being printed.

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I’m not so sure that that is “not unreasonable”, if this concerns a 50+ pages book and there is one or more items per page, we’d easily end up with 50-100 artists. If all of those would get a free copy of on on-demand printed book + shipping for just being featured the investment for the author would easily end up between $750 to $1500 minimum. And that would be more than enough to kill the idea of someone just trying to promote textmode art. For any decent project I’d rather expect people to think what they can put in, either by allowing to print or even buying to support.

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Even if he sells the books for a small profit, we are really talking about pennies here because as you said the printing costs are quite high no matter what. So in my opinion, as long as the artists are credited properly it’s totally fine. I think it’s cool that someone is putting an effort to make such a book :slight_smile:

Anyways, I see my xbin impure logo there and I give my permission to use it and any other ASCII by me!