Artist: Tetanus

Name: Tetanus

Years active: 1993 - 04/2002

Groups: iCE, Union, Toon, Saga, Soap, THC, Fear

The Canadian ANSI powerhouse known as Tetanus was a huge presence in the scene for close to a decade. He was originally known as “The Extremist” (not the one you’re thinking of), and his earliest work was often cartoon-ish (which may seem odd considering his later stuff, but you’ll still find him doing toons throughout his ANSI career).

He changed his name to Tetanus in 1995 when he stepped up into the international ANSI scene with UNiON. That group quickly folded, and most people became aware of his work with Saga. That also quickly folded, and iCE became his home for the rest of his textmode (and hi-rez) career.

When I think of Tetanus, I think of amazing #ANSI backgrounds. Perfect, really. He was a master of the 80-column scroller, up there with the likes of Lord Jazz and zeroVision in terms of dynamic background design.



These are beautiful.