Back to the BBS - Part 8: The Art scene

In the 80s and 90s, people found a way to make art from text. And they would share this art online on Electronic Bulletin Boards (BBSes).This episode talks about how art is made from text, the various art types, about what this art scene is like today, as well as what it was in the past. This episode also meets some of the people and art groups, and shows you how you can get involved too.

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Rowan Lipkovits (cthulu) of Mistigris & ACiD
Willie Noveck (Mel Farr Superstar) of Lazarus & Fuel
Ivan Segaric (AVG) of Blocktronics
Amir Donenfeld (odd / oddfirefox) of Mistigris & Legacy Crew
Jeff Corcoran (BLK_JACK)
Doug Moore (lordscarlet)

0:00 Pre Introduction
0:41 Opening Credits
1:16 Introduction
10:06 Art Groups & Affiliations
15:21 'Zines
16:14 The Future of ANSI
32:47 Drawing ANSI art
43:42 Collaboration
50:02 ASCII art
57:47 The future of the scene
1:12:16 16 colors website
1:15:58 Conclusion
1:20:49 Credits

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