Connect / Disconnect ANSI screens

I’m looking for a pair of ANSI screens for Made to Raid BBS. Something to show before logging in and something to show after logging out. I ran a BBS back in the day and have gotten back into it recently. The focus of the site is gaming - current, retro, whatever. The name came from raiding in MMOs with friends. I was thinking the logout/disconnect could be a “Game Over” kind of screen, and maybe the connect/login could be a “Start Game”. I’m open to any ideas though - it can scroll or not as well.

If anyone can help out, let me know.

I didn’t explicitly mention it, but I don’t expect anything for free and am happy to compensate. I figured I should mention that after re-reading the posting guidelines here.

If you’re interesting in helping me out, drop by the board ([2323/2222]) or I will check back here.