Coolvato from TriLoXy here

So here it is 2021 and I turn 42 this month, but back in 1997 I was 17 years old joining a demo group called TriLoXy over the internet… today I’m googling TriLoXy to see if I can find a copy of a track I did on Impulse Tracker back in 1996 or 1997… most of my stuff was lost in a hard drive crash in the early 2000’s but I found my group name “coolvato” (long back story) on the file tly-0597. I don’t know what player to use to play it on a modern windows machine XD Maybe someone can help. I would love to reconnect with the guys from TriLoXy, speed freak, doctor k-os, turbo-d, lizard, and everyone else.

That specific pack can be seen here but although the memberlist seems to mention ‘coolvato’ it doesn’t seem to contain any tracker files. All packs by Triloxy can be found on this link:

I believe Speed Freak is member of the ANSI/ASCII facebook group, Count Drakula released ANSI art less than 2 years ago, Turbo-D unfortunately passed away already in the late nineties. I have no idea of the others you mention.