How did you get into the ansi scene?

Origin stories may be my favorite backstory. How did you find the scene, and what made you start to draw ansi?

When I started aBSiNTHE, I couldn’t find anyone to draw art for the board. So, I decided to teach myself. I always loved Amiga ASCII back in the day so I tried my hand at it and quickly became obsessed. My mother is a successful artist(father is a mainframe programmer) but I had always assumed that none of that was passed on to me. It turns out that all I needed was the right medium: …a computer keyboard and text characters? So bizarre. So yeah, I fell in love with drawing Amiga ASCII and started studying everything from 30 year old scene collies to current packs, experimenting with different techniques, and developing my own style. It’s been a lot of fun. :slight_smile: