Intro ANSI for The GUILD BBS - PHATstar's WHQ BBS - Intriguing GUILD Theme - Awe & Mystery - Come on Down

my name is warmfuzzy and am starting up a BBS to be used as the PHATstar ( WHQ. This will be the place where my friends and I hang out at. The name of the board is THE GUILD BBS. I’m looking for a prelogon.ans ANSI. To be specific I’m looking for an ANSI like the picture linked below:

(see end of post)

This would be the first ANSI displayed upon logon. The theme is an Inn from the middle ages. A guild is where there are a bunch of people into the same sort of thing (contributing to the BBS Scene), and what we’ve got in common is are love for Textmode Computing. Anyhow, I’m looking for an ANSI that is rustic, and pretty much exactly what the image file would look like if it were rendered into ANSI graphics. I feel that the image selected would be a very attractive intro ANSI. Our BBS theme will be in green and brown. I’m looking for an ANSI 25 or 50 lines with 80 columns.

The image file that is linked to really brings out a feeling of awe and mystery, which is what we’re looking for. Something of the Dungeons and Dragons type of theme… an old mystical order of people in The Scene. Of course back then there were no people in the BBS Scene, but you get the idea. Its a spooky type of feeling as if you just discovered something that intrigues you, something unknown, something profound, something that perfectly describes THE GUILD BBS. Thank you kindly for your help in this. You are very much appreciated. I don’t take you for granted and I will respect your artwork for our little corner of the net we call home, THE GUILD BBS.


Oh, and one thing to note is that the BBS aims to be elite, and as such this ANSI would be in iCE Colors, not standard ANSI. I feel this is good because it gives a lot more design options than the norm. Thank you!