Lazarus 12

It’s funny how the top half of this pack is super flashy but gets more and oldschool feel when scrolling down :slight_smile:


Some stuff by 74 really pushing boundaries in this pack, up to 1000 columns. It even is becoming a technical issue with displaying the retina versions of the images in some browsers which refuse to display images beyond certain dimensions. Might need to rethink the displaying of packs as wide items show up the size of a poststamp in the pack overview. If size matters ofcourse :slight_smile:

I’m also wondering how these large pieces are being conceived, I can’t imagine they are created at ‘block level’ as in oldschool editors. Due to their size but also due to vertical halfblocks not being present at all which likely means using brush/fill tools. (I could be wrong ofcourse)

Anyway, no matter the technicalities, Lazarus outputs again a very nice pack.

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Just a heads up that even larger creations are probably coming.

I can’t really speak to the process with complete authority, but I believe these are drawn at the “shape level” and are figured out on the go. Here is a message from Discofunk himself:

The one thing I wish people knew about doing a 1000 x 700 ansi, is how annoying it was to misclick and autofill the background. Moebius would sometimes take 25-30 seconds to render a background that size in a different colour.

I really want people to know how annoying it is. It was so bad.

This is a fascinating and hilarious reinvention of the Apple II hirez vector graphics experience that you would watch draw themselves, like RIPscrips.