Noverdu BBS goodbye ANSI

Hello Everyone,

I’ve never done this before but I will do my best to describe what I would like.

I’m back to the BBS scene after many years. If any of you are old enough to know what VBBS is you will probably know how long ago I was a sysop. I didn’t realize the scene still existed and am happy to be back. I would like to slowly spruce up my BBS. I personally do not have much talent in the art world so after much searching an other sysop recommendations I am here to ask for you help. I have done what I can so far but would like an goodbye ansi done up to start with. Possibly more in the future. I would also like to know how to get permission to have a gallery area on my BBS where people can see your amazing works.

Here is what I would like for the Goodbye ANSI.

I want it to fit on the screen without scrolling. so the normal 79/24 I believe. I want it to be in a field with a star filled sky in the back ground. I want death standing on the left side holding his scythe in one hand and the other bony finger pointing to the right where a tear in space time similar looking to a portal in diablo. underneath I would like it to read returning to real life. Thanks for visiting Noverdu BBS.

I would prefer to discuss compensation options in private. I’m not rich but also not super poor either. So hopefully we can find a range that us mutually. If you have suggestions how to improve the scene please also let me know.

Message me on here and we can chat on discord or what ever way you prefer. I did recently join your discord Claw2200 same as on here.

I am slowly working on customizing my BBS to get acceptance in the networks I am aiming for. If you are interest in seeing it it is at standard ports and on the web at

thank you for taking the time to review my request and hope to speak with you soon.


I’ve drawn you up the scene you described and made it a little stylish but I hope it should be just about what you imagined it would look like. No compensation needed.


That is beautiful!!! I really appreciate it. Sorry it took me so long to see it. I’ve been trying to learn to program so I can make my own mod/door. Got totally absorbed! This is going up right now!!!

Please stop by and check out the rest of the BBS. I’m not sure if its ok to post a link to a BBS so I’ll say it this way. Its Noverdu dot com standard ports.

OMG thank you soo much!