One or more game engine logos wanted - May be in multiple commercial games

Hello! I’m the author of faux-console game engine, SadConsole. It’s been in development for over a decade and is coded with C# and targets both MonoGame and SFML graphics libraries. As the engine matures, people have been using it more and more to create games. One game, Lofi Hollow, just went into preview on Steam.

Because people are creating games with the engine, I would love to have a splashscreen logo advertising the game engine. The engine is completely free and open source, so any ansi art provided by an artist would NOT be used to gain any money for the engine or the games. These would simply be used as a nice intro screen to the effect of “Powered by SadConsole”.

The logo should be:

  • Single screen, the normal size of a classic DOS terminal, 80x25
  • The logo can be smaller than a full screen, no issues there. You don’t have to use the whole area
  • You may sign your name
  • The only website you can advertise is and the sadconsole website
  • Ansi, Ascii, RexPaint, and Playscii are supported

More information:

Games (I can’t post links because I’m a new user:

  • Rogue Frontier -
  • Lofi Hollow steam -
  • Tenebrae et Mors -

I took a stab at this request here. This is the sort of thing I imagine popping up (maybe printed on the screen character by character) before getting to a game’s main menu. Maybe the tear could appear with a sound effect as well. Just some ideas for the implementation. The purple background can be changed easily enough if you wanted some other colour or no colour at all.

I’m open to other suggestions or direction should you have any.

Wow thank you! This is great. I love it! Please add a small signature to the ansi :slight_smile: Looking at that maybe too it’s a blank screen and then the power light comes on and the sad face fades in. That would be a neat implementation of it.

I’ve put my signature on the logo here. A power-on sequence for the computer could look cool. Let me know if you need anything else.

@lda sorry for the LONG delay in getting to this. I went a pretty long vacation and then a bunch of other stuff was more important. I got this imported and animated in my game engine. I’m going to work on some of the fade timings and colors, but this is pretty close to finished.

What do you think?


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The long delay is not a problem at all. I appreciate you coming back to show me how it ended up though. It definitely looks like what I imagined when I made it for you. Well done with the animations!

I would love to send you a gift card, coffee, something, as a thanks!

This is optional for anyone using the game engine, more as a way for them to show appreciation for all my hard work on it. I’ll follow up here if I find out anyone using it.

Thanks again!