PabloDraw 3.3.0 Alpha 1

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Is there a list of changes/bugfixes anywhere? Or is it just more stable now?

Most important change is already mentioned, native executables. Will also run on a recent MacOS.

As it’s an alpha, more changes could possible included in the next release, based on the latest pull request, the following items might be in it:

  • Default iceColors to false
  • Fix non-modifier shortcut keys in WinForms
  • Mac: Fix position and size of canvas when switching to full screen mode
  • Update readme with instructions for building
  • Save/restore brush info
  • Fix warning and fix size of widthdialog
  • Implement rudimentary xbin 512 character support
  • Fix flipping with even width/height blocks

Now would be a good time to ask for bugfixes or feature requests, do so on GitHub: Issues · cwensley/pablodraw · GitHub

The font issue for PETSCII display has also been fixed. :black_heart:

Don’t use this version if you are looking for a more stable version as it’s full of bugs and work-in-progress. BUT, if you want to help ETO out with the beta(alpha) testing you should definitely use it and report the bugs you encounter here: Issues · cwensley/pablodraw · GitHub

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Nice to see this has been picked up again.

@nail what was the PETSCII bug?

@grymmjack PabloDraw treated the PETSCII font as 8x16 rather than a square, thereby only displaying the left half of every glyph.

Old (wrong) version

New (correct) version

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