Probleme with my Text Art ASCII

Hi :slight_smile:

My Text Art Ascii : text art ascii.nfo

problem when I paste, it makes me a shift :

why ? , help me please , very big thanx !!!

you’re not using a monospaced font in the destination. when this is the case it’s normal for the output to shift as your characters will have a different width.

how can i get an idea ? , I want to create a banner with the name of my salon

just of text , very easy for you , contact me mp …

very big thanx Burps

if you want your banner to work in a font that is not monospaced, you’ll need to create it in that font. But then again you’re depending on font size of the viewer and there’s always a chance that it will be off somewhat.

I’m not sure I understand where you want to use this banner, do you even control what font would be used there?