Summoning a DAO to Make Ansi Great Again - call for members

I’m trying to start a DAO which would promote and curate ANSi art using a bulletin board system built on blockchain. I’ve built a proof-of-concept for the board. Next is for an organization to collectively curate ANSi art that will live on the blockchain. I’m looking for folks who just want to discuss the idea, help build a community, curate art, connect with or be artists…

Like anyone here, this is about love for the art/scene not money. But the idea has a self-funding mechanism. And is self-governing.

Please send me a message if interested.

Link to pdf deck:…/88260166153995…/ANSiDAO.pdf



Imho - lets stay underground and keep commercialism outside the scene. I don’t fancy the idea that you want to profit on other people’s art like this.

I don’t have any intention or expectation of profiting. I planned to donate my own time and money to organize it. Absolutely nobody should join thinking they’re going to make money. You will not.

I do want to help artists sell artwork. I am absolutely for artists being able to do this and I do not stand by attempts to call them out or call them sellouts. The scene is much closer to dying and disappearing completely than becoming mainstream. I don’t think you need to put effort into keeping it further underground.