Syntax 2022 ANSI / ASCII / PETSCII compos

SYNTAX 2022 is back and will be held from Saturday November 12th to Sunday November 13th

This is the first time we will hold it physically since 2019!

Syntax allows remote entries for two categories:

  • GRAPHICS BATTLE (all platforms)
  • 30 SECOND MUSIC (all platforms, exactly 30 seconds long, recorded as wav file)

Send those entries to either or

If we get enough entries, the compos for ANSI, ASCII and PETSCII will be separated (ideally this is what we want).

The compos will be live streamed across SceneSat and we will have a Discord channel also (addresses announced closer to the event).

Syntax is not a commercial event - we’re underground and keep it about people and fun, rather than pressure and hype. Hope you can join us (sign up at the link below for updates via email) and maybe help stir our compos with an entry or two!