Textmode-centric gathering?

Throwing out feelers. Whenever our group of degenerates gets together at Demosplash, we fantasize about a textmode-centric gathering. Whether that is a “convention” or a small room as part of Demosplash, or these days, maybe even something virtual, I think it is something that would be great.

I am picturing competitions, live drawing, a “live” gallery (whether it is printed art or mounted screens, or both). Probably some talks on history, or panel discussions about technique, I have no idea. Maybe our audience has grown too small for something like that. Even if it’s just “hey, let’s all hang out, have a party, and talk about art.”

Does this seem like something people would be interested in?

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The Mistigris revival started out as an aspiration I had to mount a retrospective exhibition of computer art in the style of the 2008 exhibition at SF’s 20 GOTO 10, described at ANSI Art Gallery Show at 20 Goto 10

(Needless to say, I got sidetracked.) Something like that could serve as a good excuse for a continental get-together, if the standard conference circuit wouldn’t cut it, but I’d expect it would be held in an American city, probably closer to other major metropolitan areas so as to tap the largest possible audience of semi-locals.

FWIW, I went to the 20 Goto 10 showing and it’s what inspires me to do such a thing to this day.

we talked about doing this at the last demosplash and me and mfs immediately dropped into planning mode to put something together in new orleans. but then we got distracted because we are actually squirrels.

I don’t believe you. Show me your tails ! :wink: