Website Ascii Layout ~$2000 Budget


we’re a company that works in the general sphere of cryptocurrencies. We’re looking for at least one website layout to be built with ASCII as the main layout / design.

We do have some things in mind. Clean, minimal, SoGamed (old website in Ascii), BBS Menu,…

Also we have the wishes for a special ascii art that can be discussed in private.

You can reach me on efnet under the nickname softliner or in telegram @juancarlos187

Our budget is around $2000. Payable in Crypto, Paypal is official invoicing can be provided (by a company).

Hope I can find some people that are interested here.

While on EFnet, you may want to try asking in #impure (
If Amiga ASCII is an option you might find people interested on Ascii Arena:

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here’s an update with a more detailed project description: