Will pay for ANSI and ASCII art for gaming-related FOSS software program 🌱

Hello, I’m working on a software project called Seedrun.

I am looking for art featuring the title of the software to appear in:

  1. Windows console (80x24, ANSI, color)
  2. Bizhawk Lua console (33x6, non-extended ASCII, black+white)

I would like both artworks to feature the name of the software “Seedrun” with a consistent style of lettering so that a viewer of one would find the other familiar (consistency of branding).

Number of rows specific above is the maximum, less can be used if appropriate.

ANSI art (80x24) should have the title at the bottom (since the top will be cut off as logs are written to console) with a growing seed/sapling theme (check my avatar or :seedling:), I am happy for the art to be signed, license must be open-source compatible.

If interested please contact me at seedrunorg@gmail.com